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New Year's Cards


1960? New Year's greeting card from Marianne Hinckle. Small octavo folded sheet. Illustration from the 1479 Verona Aesop. Lawton Kennedy Printers. $10 from Robert Perata Books, Santa Rosa, CA, Sept., '00.

The caption from Henry James reads "Be Gentle and Delicate and Pursue the Prize." It is matched here with the Verona illustration of the snake and the file. The red-orange color of both the dragon and fire highlights the woodcut nicely. "The woodcut is from fable 53 of the Verona Aesop, the first edition of Aesop's Fables in Italy issued by Giovanni and Alberto Alvise, 1479." The message reads "A Greeting for the New Year from Marianne Hinckle." I deliberately cropped the image wide of the card, to show the rough edge of the front sheet.