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Valentine's Day Cards


1970? Movable Valentine greeting card featuring "The Fable of the Lion and the Mouse." 4" x 7½". Made in U.S.A. $5.50 "laustin1" on Ebay, Feb., '02.

The lion moves his head back and forth and says "Hi! I'd be so G-r-r-grateful if you'd be my Valentine." In the meantime, the mouse gnaws on his rope.

1970?    One valentine proclaiming "I'm not a dog in a manger but I want you for myself alone.  Valentine."  Made in U.S.A.  $2.95 from Trish Rucker at Birdhouse Books, Decatur, GA, through eBay, Jan., '18.

I am delighted to find a good ol' time Valentine!  I am surprised that the receiver is supposed to be able to recognize the Aesopic allusion.  I do not think that "The Dog in the Manger" is a well known fable these days.  So when was it well known?