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Gum Cards

The major producer of cards that came with chewing gum in my awareness is Monty Fabrieken, maker of Monty Gum Daily Fables.  There are three sets of Monty Gum Cards, each containing 72 cards, noted at a website given to Monty cards of all sorts:

Fabeltjeskrant or De Fabeltjeskrant, Dutch for "The Fables Newspaper," is a Dutch children's television series featuring puppetry and stop motion. Created in 1968 by Leen Valkenier and produced by Thijs Chanowski (1st series) and Loek de Levita (2nd series), it ended in 1989 and was broadcast on Dutch, Belgian, and Japanese channels. From 1973 to 1975 it was broadcast also in the United Kingdom with the title "The Daily Fable."  I am somewhat surprised that, though the TV show apparently presented one fable a day as narrated by the owl, the cards seldom represent a single known fable.  The gum company seems to have been a Dutch offshoot of the Danish Dandy Gum Company, but the cards have no apparent relation to Dandy cards.


We now have the second and third series complete: