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Hidden Picture Cards

Cards with hidden pictures to be found occur in several categories, like both stock and non-stock trade cards and fable cards.  They are distinctive enough, I believe, to deserve their own category.  Besides blotters with hidden pictures and a album featuring hidden pictures, I have found four such series of hidden picture cards.  They might be identified this way:

Colored French "La Fontaine" Hidden Picture Cards

Dutch Bilingual Hidden Picture Cards

Chocolat Roval Monochrome Hidden Picture Cards

Fructines-Vichy advertising cards

Four-Color Hidden Picture Cards

Incroyable de Paris advertising cards

Bonnin Hidden Picture Cards

foxandgeesepuzzle.jpg (33295 bytes)

Blue cursive-script fable-picture cards

Beaham Mfg. Co. Fox and Geese

TH Hidden Picture Card (no publisher)