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Individual Postcards

What an amazing array of individual cards I have found, many perhaps awaiting the time when I find other members of the series to which they belong. Click on any card to see it full-size, along with a catalogue description and comment.

D'Angeli, Satyr and Peasant, 1900?

TH, 1903

Easter TH, 1905?

MSA by CLC, 1905?

Jordaens, Satyr and Peasant, 1905?

Jordaens, Satyr and Peasant, 1910?

GA after Grandville, 1906?

Stag & Vine, 1906?

Grandville FS, 1908?

Carter TH, 1909?

CW by E. Joannon, 1910

Lhermitte, Death & Woodman, 1910?

Miser Who Lost Treasure, 1910?

Sandusky Business College Advertisement Penny Postcard 1912

J.B. Oudry, FS, Metz, 1912?

Sezille des Essarts, "Perrette," 1914

Chocolat Lombard, 1915?

French MSA Panel Lift, 1915?

L'Huile de Table des Chartreux, 1920?

Renard, Loup et Cheval, 1920?

FC by Storck & Co., 1920?

OF, SEL, Lardier, 1924

Furor Oil, 1924

Kenmore Mantel, 1925?

TH by AS, 1925

Die Grille, 1930?

TH by Raymond Prévost, 1930?

Fontana, 1930?

Der Kuckuck u. der Esel, 1930?

FC Parody, 1932?

Parade Cortege MSA, 1935?

Loterie Coloniale Belgium Florian, 1936

Basel Munster Crypt Frieze

Capitaine Renard & Bouc, 1950?

WL by La Rose, 1960?

3D FC, 1965?

FC, La Capelle Cheese Fair, 1973

Jardin Dumaine: WL, 1974

Jardin Dumaine: WL, 1974?

French FC, 1975?

Wolfenbüttel, 1980?

1980 Fetes Jean de La Fontaine

FC Pasted Postcard, 1986?

Castell Coch Drawing Room: Aesop's Animals

El Greco, Fábula, 1991

Delta TH in Pastels, 1995?

Rebus Postcard from Milk Producers, 1996?

Reineke Fuchs Museum, 1997

Menton Fête du Citron, 2000

Mosteiro de São Vicente de Fora

Porcelaine de Bruxelles,

CP by Lizzie Riches, Art247

Induku Wooden Postcard

Abraham Lincoln with Aesop's Fables


Franco-Prussian WL, 1871

LM, Prussian Soldier, 1900?

Human Peacock, 1908?

Sazerac Raison du Plus Fort, 1909

A. Jacomin, "Le Fou," 1909

Juno and Peacock, Jehanne, 1910?

FC with La Fontaine Medallion, 1910?

Noyer, Allegorie, 1912

LM Fructine-Vichy 1913?

LM Fructine-Vichy B 1913?

TH 5Ky 1930?

Sager, Cygne et Grue, 1925

BF from 1479 Verona, 1930?

1935?  Rien ne sert de courir

La Fontaine, Braun, 1950?

La Fontaine, AN, 1950?

Considerer la Fin, 1955?

Krylov, 1956

Velazquez, 1958

Velazquez, 1977?

Velazquez, Art247, 2010?

Jean Effel, FS, Russian, 1962

Amicale Philatelique, 1963

Daumier, Voleurs et l'Ane,1986

Trial of Dimna, 1980?

Bidpay, Elephant and Hare, 1991?

FC Arabic

Jean Effel: La Fontaine (Russian)

TGV. Concorde. Escargot 1992

Chagall: Mother, Child, and Wolf.  2000?