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1880? Alphonse Robert Women & a Secret

1880? Portrait postcard "Les Femmes et le Secret."  Le Sourire Nr. 226.  Les Fables de "La Fontaine."  Illustration by A(lphonse) Robert.  €15.99 from mundusvetus through Ebay, July, '22.


Here is a curious card.  I can find no others in the series.  Alphonse Robert died in 1880.  That is why I choose the last year of his life to date this card.  The stance and expression of the man here beg, I believe, for interpretation.  I have seen only seldom this approach to quoting a text: leaving out whole sections, perhaps to accommodate a long fable to a limited space.  This is exceptional color work!  Might it make the card much later?  This seems to be a thoroughly modern card, in its exact coloring, in its creative arrangement of the figures, and in the man's perhaps cynical (?) attitude!