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Chartreux table oil 1930?

1930? Colored postcard advertising L'Huile de Table des Chartreux through a parody of GA.  €15 from Albert van den Bosch, Antwerp, June, '23.

This card challenged this cataloguer because it is both a postcard and an advertisement, a clever advertisement at that!  I came down for postcard.  The ant asks, as always, what the grasshopper was doing all summer.  The answer?  "I was eating all sorts of things with L'Huile de Table des Chartreux."  The ant's response here: "You were eating?  Fine.  Now fast."  She is hanging onto her bottle of the oil!  The artistry is well done, and the color lovely.  It looks to me as though there may have been a series of Chartreux advertisements presenting a "fable de la Fontaine accommodée à L'Huile de Table des Chartreux."  I would love to find more of them!