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FC Parody

1932? Parody of La Fontaine's FC by l'Abbé Forichon with a black-and-white illustration of FC. Néris-les-Bains, France: Edit. Picandet. 50 Francs from Annick Tilly, Clignancourt, July, '01.

The front of this card contains a black-and-white illustration of FC alongside a parody of La Fontaine's version. Here is how the card itself introduces its text: "72 Allier. L'Agrôle et le Rena, Parodie de la fable du Renard et du Corbeau par M. l'Abbé Forichon." Forichon died in 1879, and this card is postmarked in August of 1932, so that the card must have appeared somewhere during the period framed by these two dates. The verso of the card is completely given over to a written message, without an address or postmark.