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FG Postcard 1926 Little Girl

 1926 One postcard featuring FG with that title, and "Les Fables de Jean de La Fontaine" on its front.  Etablissements Artistiques Parisiens.  Illustration signed by T(?) Mayboy. €6 from Akpool, March '23.

The card is filled in and dated in 1928, though it seems not to have been stamped or cancelled.  The scene of the illustration is hard for me to construe.  Is the little girl looking up to grapes that she cannot get, even though she has used a kneeler and half-chair?  Is she looking at a home that she cannot aspire to?  The home does not seem that extravagant.  I have been happy to find others with "Mayboy" signatures on work from the 1920's.