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Gold Medal Flour

1906? "The Fable of the Judge and the Loaves." Gold Medal Flour advertising postcard. Sent to Mrs. H. Smith, Kent, Conn. and postmarked 1906 in Minneapolis. $5 from Andover, MA, through eBay, March, '08.

The picture side of this postcard has a title across its top, a strong colored picture taking about two-thirds of the remaining space, and a text of the fable climaxing in "Moral: -- Use Gold Medal Flour." A handwritten addition below goes on "For sale by - Watson and Morehouse." The picture and text -- but not the layout -- are identical with one of the center pages of Comic Fables with Morals Advertising Washburn-Crosby's Gold Medal Flour. I will crosslist this find with postcards and keep the card with other postcards. To see the pamphlet page, click here. To compare the two, click here.