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Huile des Chartreux

1920? Postcard presenting FS. "Fable de la Fontaine accommodée a l'Huile de Table des Chartreux." Artist Raoul Vion. €10 at Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.

This very colorful card seems to be roughly in the style of Benjamin Rabier. The colors help to draw attention to the lovely gold of the bottled oil. The advertisement substitutes bottles for the tall vases of the fable. In a small victory for modern technology, I was able to go out and find a Raoul Vion poster on the web. The date of the poster exactly matched the date I had guessed for this postcard! The back, fully filled out in a difficult hand, adds "Inutile de vous dire qu'il n'est pas de bonne cuisine sans Huile de Table des Chartreux."