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Jacomin: Le Fou

1909?   One photographic postcard presenting “The Fool Who Sells Wisdom.”  “600  SALON 1909.  JACOMIN (A.)  -- Le Fou qui vend la sagesse.- LL.”  $8 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, Sept., ‘’20. 

A closer look shows that the artist catches the story at the very moment where the “fool” is giving the buyer a box on the ear.  The “fool” also has strings that are part of his marketing.  I have yet to understand the significance of the dogs is in the foreground; in fact, I am not even sure what they are doing.  Alfred Jacomin lived from 1842 to 1913.  Christie’s and Mark Murray have offered paintings by Jacomin for sale.  There are also listings of his work on MutualArt.  Google offers a number of his works, not including this painting.