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Loterie Coloniale Belgium Florian

1936?    One four-panel three-colored cartoon postcard offering the first half of Florian’s “The Two Travelers.”  #1 of a 2-card series produced by the Belgian Post Office.  $10 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, Sept., ’20. 

From references and images on the web, I conclude that this is #3 of three series done by the post office in 1936, including probably both postcards and stamps in a booklet.  (A recent winning bid for such a booklet was $275.)  The first series seems to be La Fontaine’s MM.  This Florian fable itself portrays the age-old argument.  When two are travelling, does a found object belong to the pair or only to the first to possess it?  Thomas here tells Lubin: “It’s me, not we!”  The two travelers soon encounter thieves, and Thomas says to Lubin “We are lost!”  Lubin answers “It is you, not we!”  Still, both manage to escape.  Thomas soon gives the wallet away.  Think only of yourself in good fortune and you will find that you have no friends.