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TH Children 1927

1927  Children present La Fontaine's moral from TH:  "Running is not the issue.  You need to start on time."  $5 from an unknown source, Feb., '22.

The verso seems to me more engaging than the illustration in this card whose message is dated in October, 1927.  First, the young "Votre petite Lili" did not add an address to her card.  Secondly, the card itself warns that not all countries accept the "correspondence au recto."  I wonder what that means….  I tried my own translation against several of the traditional ones.  Maybe best is Spector: "Rushing is useless; one has to leave on time.  Moore has " If you don't start on time, you might as well not try."  Wright: "To win a race, the swiftness of a dart Availeth not without a timely start."