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1996? Two cards in a series of Jean de la Fontaine's fables. TMCM and FC. Abeille-Cartes. Paris: Editions Lyna. Postmarked from Fresnes en Woevre, Meuse, in October of 1996 and from Presles, Val d'Oise, in June of 1997, respectively. €1.50 apiece from Gérard Crucy at the Paris Post Card Exhibit, Jan., '05.

The verso of these two postcards presents a number (2244/1 and 2244/2, respectively), a title, and a boxed version of La Fontaine's fable text at the upper left. The lively images on the picture side of the card are heavy on pastels, flowers, dressed animals, and block-letter titles. In FC the rapidly falling cheese leaves a visible trail; a mouse in an open portion of the tree trunk holds his ears against the crow's bad music, while the fox laughs below. In TMCM, the country mouse offers a cheese wrapped with a bow to his coverall-clad friend in a rustic hammock. Both pictures seem devoted to making their fables cute.

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