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Mauzan Astrologer Who Fell into a Well

1983 Postcard memorializing the centenary of the birth of Achille Lucien Mauzan. Éditions Carnevale-Mauzan. $10 from S. Millus, Waterville, OH, July, '12.

Several things make this card unusual for me. First, it falls outside the series of Mauzan cards I had already gathered. Secondly, it dates this card – and so helps with the others – in 1944. Thirdly, trying to find out more led me to learn his first names and so to correct what seemed to be an "X" in his signature on cards. Finally, I am cataloguing this card in December of 2020 and presumed that I had received it recently. I was astounded to look at the envelope and see a postmark of 2012! The card is full of Mauzan's typical humor and gift for satiric exaggeration.