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A. Gonin GA

1904?  Two French GA photographic postcards, perhaps from a series of six.  A. Gonin.  $20 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.  Extra of #3 for €7 from Dominique Chapelon, Yronde et Buron, at Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.  Full set of 4 cards sent in August of 1904 to the same addressee for $6 each from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '20.

#6 is a remarkable card! I take it that her mode of dress marks the musical girl as a gypsy, while the mother wears a cross around her neck. The photographer caught one of the children at a great moment of crying! Otherwise, if there ever were posed scenes, here they are! Postmarked and dated in handwriting 1905 and 1904, respectively.  The Cocq cards are all in very good condition.  I am wondering if there are two cards filling in the text between our 3rd card here and the last.