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Aqua-Photo Babies

1905??   Four numbered (hand?-) colored photographic postcards of babies in scenes of La Fontaine fables.  Paris: Aqua Photo: L.V. & Cie.  $48 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.

These cards are among the most unusual things I have found illustrating fables.  About the taste displayed here, I can only say that there must be something special about French sensibilities.  The approach here is to have two children act out a scene from a well-known fable.  That occurs regularly enough in both painted and photographed postcard portrayals of fables.  The special, surprising addition here is to people the scene with maniy baby pictures.  I honestly do not "get it"!  But I am delighted to include these displays of it in this collection.  Might these four constitute the whole series?  In "Two Doves," at least two of them fly.  In GA, the "ant" section wears pink and the "cicada" sectin wears light blue.  In FC, many of the babies are winged.  In WL, one wears a lambskin and another a wolf's pelt.  Might part of the fun of these cards be an early experience of placing cropped photographs within larger photographs?



1. Two Doves

2. GA

#3. FC

4. WL