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A&S 541 Perrette et le Pot au Lait

1910?   Complete set of 5 colored photographic postcards of the story of Perrette and the pot of milk.  A&S editions #541.  $60 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.

This is an unusual set in that it takes its own tangent off of La Fontaine's famous fable.  As I understand the text, Perrette – first named in the fourth of five cards -- a "fermière, séduisante et coquette," is on her way to market with a large pot of milk on her head.  On the way she dreams of a "corsage" that will be paid for by the milk she will sell.  Alas, a false step destroys her charming projects!   Perrette is weeping when a young, good looking man comes up and consoles her.  As they sit close together in his wheelbarrow, she hears her heart tremor and follows a new dream of happiness.  The cards do a good job of highlighting her pink apron and his blue-and-white striped shirt.

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