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Bergeret GA

Bergeret GA Five-Card Set

1901? "La Cigale et la Fourmi."  A. Bergeret Phototypie Nancy. Five cards using children to illustrate five phases of La Fontaine's GA.  Gift of Bertrand Bauvais, August, '15.  One previously found card #2 for €3 in St. Ouen, August, '13.  Extra copies of cards #2 and #5 from Gabriel Somobyi, Floresti, Romania, Dec., '08.

The five scenes in these postcards, acted by children, communicate a severe handling of the cicada.  In the last scene, she is lying disconsolate as the "ant" directs her to go dance in winter.  Spinning wheel and guitar characterize these two.  Each card's front contains a few verses of the fable in red.  I am amazed to have found a full set of these cards through the generosity of Bertrand and his family.  Bergeret apparently moved out to present one fable in a series of photographs after offering a series of fables with one view each.