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C. Clayette MM

C. Clayette Photographic Series MM


1903    "Perrette."  Ten black-and-white photographic postcards depicting MM.  All sent by "Berthe" to "Alice Bardot" in Nievre (?).  €50 from Bernard Riconti, St. Ouen, August, 2013.

The approach of these cards is similar to those Bergeret phototypes, "Bébé Fabulist," and "Perrette Montrut, presumably from the same period.  These include the appropriate verses of the fable with each picture.  As with them, the message goes on the picture side of the postcard.  The verso is entirely for stamp and address.  Each card is signed by "Berthe" and several have endearing messages.  The scene is portrayed entirely by children.  The "pot" of milk has a curious tall shape here, something between a butter churn and a coffee pot.  The fourth through seventh pictures use a rather primitive way to indicate Perrette's dreaming: an image of the appropriate future animal is pasted into the picture.  The eighth picture may be the most curious, as the picture composer works to make the pot seem to be falling and spilling.