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Collection Charier

1900? 6 black-and-white portrait postcards featuring fables of La Fontaine.  Signed by G. Dascher.  "Collection Charier, edit., Saumur.  Royer et Cie, imp -phot, Nancy."  St. Ouen, August, '15.  One extra copy of Le Singe et le Léopard.  Extra copy of "Le Singe et le Léopard" for €7 from Bartko-Reher, April, '21.

The characteristic feature of this set is a rectangular or near-rectangular inset "Fables de La Fontaine" and the title of the individual card.  The two cards not signed by Dascher seem to be signed by "HBGI."  They are in a different style.  These two are WC and FC.  The Dascher cards are "The Fox and the Goat"; "The Thieves and the Ass"; "The Monkey and the Leopard"; and "The Wolf Become a Shepherd." A trade card from Nouvelles Galeries in Saumur is so similar that I include it here as well as there for comparison.


trade card