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Coudray UP

2003 Le Coq et le Renard. Colored title-card and six black-and-white postcards. Claude Coudray. Les Fables de la Fontaine. Limited edition. 2e Salon de l'Image et de l'Écrit. Montmorillon. €10 from the wife of the deceased artist at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.

This was my first find at the Paris Post Card Exhibition. I do not understand the verso of the title-card: "Série de 50 cartes (1000 ex.)." I understand better the verso of each of the six cards in this set: "Tirage limité exemplaires 90." The text used in the cards is perfectly faithful to La Fontaine. This is a lively and lovely set! One card done by André le Guilloux was part of the same Salon show in 2003 as presented "Le Coq et le Renard."

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