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Deux Coqs by Charles Collas & Compagnie

1905?  "Deux Coqs."  Set of 10 photographic postcards by Charles Collas & Companie, Cognac, whose trademark is a clover with four C's.  $100 for the set from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne-Ricouart, France, Sept., '20.

Arlequin and Pierrot do fine until Columbine enters the picture.  The ten photographs spell out the drama to its sad end.  A little research led me to Charles Collas & Company of Cognac, strong early promoters of the postcard.  The company had three booths at the great Paris fair of the postcard in 1904.  This set is unusual in miy experience for having ten cards.  I am as excited as Bertrand that he was able to find – or build -- a complete set.  After the first card, the text and story depart from La Fontaine's fable.  I cannot say that I follow this version's twists and turns to its sad end.