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Ernest Nister

Ernest Nister

1903? English-language satiric and humorous presentations of fables.  Series 41.  Printed in Bavaria.  Ernest Nister, London. 

FC.  Postmarked in Southhampton in 1904.  £1.75 from Mole Postcards, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, through Ebay, Jan., '01.The fable starts in traditional fashion.  The crow replies to the fox's flattering request by saying that she has a cold and never sings without her music.  She also mentions that she has read Aesop, and she places the cheese in a safe place in the tree.  The fox on leaving remarks that Welsh rabbits never agreed with him.  There are four morals drawn, including "that Invitation is not Always the Sincerest Flattery" and "that the Aim of Art is to Conceal Disappointment."  Nister's colored presentation of the crow is very good.  One extra copy postmarked 1906 in Sydney.

"The Kind-Hearted She-Elephant."  Postmarked 1906 in Sydney.  An elephant carelessly steps on a mother partridge and feels so bad about orphaning her young that she sits on them too.  Nister's color portrayal is again very good. 

"The Prudent Tiger."  Postmarked 1906 in Sydney.  A wise tiger refrains from devouring a funeral procession.  He lets the deceased become a martyr and has a regular supply of pilgrims for breakfast for the rest of his days.  Moral: "Beware of Breaking the Egg that Hatches the Golden Goose."