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Femina FG

1904?   5 card photographic series by "Femina" presenting FG through two human adults.  All five signed and dated in April, 1904.  $5 for each card from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '20.

Do I read this series wrong by understanding it to portray a romantic relationship that does not turn out as the initiator desires – and so he rejects it?  Notice that the sender dates his five cards in April on the 5th, 16th (twice), and 25th (twice).  Was he trying to suggest something to Mademoiselle M.L. Pouchan in Pau?  Did she come down from her ladder?  "Femina" has a distinctive cursive signature, clear on each of these cards, for its publications in the early 20th century, apparently between 1901 and 1910.  It fascinates me to figure out what a feminist publishing house is communicating by presenting this fable with this interpretation!