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GA Croissant Fontane

1910?   Five (of apparently five) photographic postcards presenting La Fontaine's GA.  Ch. Fontane, Editeur.  Paris: Croissant.  $50 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.

Compare this set with Croissant's similar work on both MM and TH.  Here, as in TH, children carry the roles.  I believe that the set includes only five cards because the lines of the verse fable are all here, in perfect order.  Notice the unusual way of placing the title on the first card: one part on the snow-covered roof over the doorway and the other on the door itself.  The gestures and poses of the cicada are revealing, from making music, to asking with an open hand to begging with folded hands, to turning away, to a last kneeling appeal.  The color work is particularly exceptional on these cards.  Are they hand-colored? 

GA1: Song

GA2: Appeal

GA3: Promise

GA4: Interrogation

GA5: Rejection