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1993 Three cards in a series of Jean de la Fontaine's fables. "Les Deux Mulets," FS, and "Le Singe et le Dauphin." Conseil Général de l'Aisne: Bibliothèque Départementale de Prêt: Association des Amis de la Bibliothèque Départementale de Prêt. All three are marked "Gedge 93." €3 apiece from Gérard Crucy at the Paris Post Card Exhibit, Jan., '05.

These illustrations--lively, colorful, and contemporary--are taken from the Exposition "Quand la Fontaine rime avec le rock." "Les Deux Mulets" is postmarked in 1996, while the other two are postmarked two years later. The former card shows one mule driving a tractor in front of another mule dapperly clad as a chauffeur in a large vehicle. FS has a sporty stork sitting across from a primitive fox with sunglasses on his forehead. The fish-laden beakers are transparent. The monkey in "Le Singe et le Dauphin" looks like a jockey, and the dolphin looks as though he is having a great time! I would love to see more of Gedge's work in this style. The only reference I could find on the web speaks of the exhibit this way: "Les saveurs de La Fontaine remises au goût du jour, mijotées sur les fourneaux de l' illustrateur Gedge et assaisonnées avec quelques épices de Rock and Roll."

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Les Deux Mulets

Le Singe le le Dauphin