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Gnoe Art Editions

1997? Les Fables de La Fontaine. ©Editions d'Art g n o h, Paris. 4" x 5¾". Gift of Alain Draeger, "Directeur Commercial" of Gnoe, Sept., '97.

Five beautiful colored cards, reproducing oil paintings on wood by André Quellier after the engravings of Jean-Baptiste Oudry, with two verses of La Fontaine under the painting. Featured are FC (22 00 1571), "Le Lion Amoureux" (1572), TB (1573), "L'Hirondelle et les Petits Oiseaux" (1574), and "Les Deux Pigeons" (1575)." Mr. Draeger was good enough to send me these when I inquired about the series "Les Ineffables de La Fontaine" printed by this company. Ask, and you have no idea what will happen!

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Les Deux Pigeons


L'Hirondelle et les petits Oiseaux

Le Lion Amoureux