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Grandville Monochrome


Grandville Monochrome Ten-Card Set

1898? Ten monochrome landscape La Fontaine fable postcards, each labeled "d'apres Grandville."  Duplicates of  GA and "Rat Who Retired."  $143.95 from Portugalcards - Jose Monteiro, Lisbon, Feb., '10.  Extra copy of FS with a message, apparently postmarked in 1908.  50 Francs from Annick tilly, Clignancourt, July, '01.

The picture side reserves generally only 20% of its space for a message.  The monochrome color differs from one card to another.  The dealer gives the cards a date of 1898.  Only the title and "d'apres Grandville" appears on the picture side.  On the verso is nothing but room for an addressee and his or her address.  The packaging is still present, if somewhat fragile. Curiously, the duplicates are done in different colors from each other.