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Jeanne Lagarde

1950?   Eight colored painted postcards (out of a set of ?) signed by Jeanne Lagarde and presenting children in situations recalling La Fontaine's fables.  Paris: Editions Superluxe.  Printed in France.  $40 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.  Extra copy of FC for €6 from Dominique Chapelon, Yronde et Buron, at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.

The approach of these cards is uniform and, to me, unsatisfying.  The children seem presented to remind one of the fable situation, not to play it out in their own world.  Perhaps the foxy boy has talked the dreamy girl on a limb of a tree out of her cheese or bread; this card may come the closest to playing out the fable in the world of these children.  How, however, are the boy and girl at the stream wolf and lamb?  Is the girl with the potted plant teaching the boy with the shovel to love working the land?  How are the characters in TMCM, one from city and one from country, playing out the fable's story?  TH labors to put a house on the back of one racer and to give ears to the racer behind her.  The French know their fables so well, I suppose, that they are happy to see them represented by children, even if the fable is minimally involved. 



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