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Laines du Marin

1935? Laines du Marin ("Sailor Wool"). Complete set of twelve colored postcards using La Fontaine's fables to advertise this brand of wool. $100 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '20. Duplicate of TH for €5 from Akpool, Berlin, June, '20.

Visually attractive and witty cards offering alternative versions of each fable if only "Laines du Marin" had been involved.

The evil wolf would certainly have respected the lamb if he had known that his fleece was destined for "Sailor."

Master Renard would have got his money's worth if Master Crow had held in his craw a ball of "Sailor" wool.

Master Fox would have stuck with it if, instead of grapes, it was balls of "Sailor" wool.

It would have been better for the gardener if the bear had used a ball of "Sailor" wool.

Instead of a pot of milk, Perrette would have done better to carry a set of balls of "Sailor" wool.

The jay would have been admired if, instead of peacock feathers, he had adorned himself with balls of "Sailor" yarn.

Master Lion would never have been saved by the mouse if the net had been made with "Sailor" wool.


The farmer would not have killed the hen if she had laid balls of "Sailor" wool.

The mule would never have asked for help from the horse if she had been pulling a cart of balls of "Sailor" wool.

The frog would never have exploded if she had worn a pullover knitted with "Sailor" wools.

Master Hare would have less careless if the prize for the race had been a ball of "Sailor" yarn.

The worker's sons would have worked with more ardor if the treasure had been balls of "Sailor" yarn.