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Le Guilloux

2003 Five cards presenting La Fontaine fables humorously, all designed and signed by André le Guilloux of Louvres. They appear to have been created for various groups or competitions, including "Les Fables de la Fontaine: victimes du progrès" and "Les Fables et le Progrès." Another contains the caption "En Hommage a Jean de la Fontaine." Another is simpler: "Fable de la Fontaine." Yet another appears to have been done for a series sponsored by Crédit Agricole of Strasbourg and to have been presented at the 2e Salon de l'Image et de l'Écrit, as was the series by Claude Coudray on "Le Coq et le Renard." Oversized: over 4" x just less than 6". €12 for the group from the artist at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.

See my remarks on each card. These cards show a great deal of wit and imagination! I was surprised when the seller started to write on the back of each, and I asked him why he was doing that. He explained that he is the artist and that he was signing them for me!