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Les Ineffables de La Fontaine

1990? Les Ineffables de La Fontaine. Par Turier. 24 00 0092. Three cards (out of a larger set?) parodying La Fontaine's fables by putting the characters into sexually compromising scenes. Printed in France. Arcueil: Éditions d'art gnoe. 60 Francs from Normand Antiquités at the Marché Dauphine, Saint-Ouen Clignancourt, May, '97.

In LM, the rat takes sexual advantage of the netted lion, who thinks dark and gloomy thoughts. In OF, the ox inflates the frog. In TMCM, the country mouse discovers to his dismay—as he runs out the door--that the town mouse is gay. The French can do this kind of thing and get away with it!