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Les Oeuvres Rares

1920? Les Oeuvres Rares: Les Fables de La Fontaine.  Ten cards in a series.  "Percier inv. Girardet sc."  "A.M."  70 from a small cardshop in Brussels, August, '19.

This shop surprised me as I was on my way elsewhere.  I have not seen this set anywhere else.  Each scene is differently conceived, with some featuring medallions on the side, others including two scenes or as many as five scenes.  The engraving work seems particularly fine.  Among the best, I believe, are MSA and "The Child and the Schoolmaster."  The latter is flanked by contrasting scenes from FS.  Percier conceived the designs, and Girardet executed them. 




Le Berger et le Roi


Le Paysan du Danube


La Vieille et les deux Servantes


L'Enfant et le Maitre d'Ecole


Les Deux Amis


Le Vieillard et ses Enfants



Statue Maker and Statue of Jupiter




The Young Widow