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Maggie Salzedo Ricqles

1925? Twelve postcards using images of Maggie Salzedo for La Fontaine's fables and advertising Ricqlès mint alcohol. €5.45 each from Suzanne Botti, Le Bono, at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05. Five extras for €15 from Recto-Verso, Strasbourg, July, '19. 

The cards have a consistent pattern: an art deco scene in soft pastels covers 85% of the card and includes an open scroll showing the title. Somewhere in the image is an artist's mark in block letters "Maggie Salzedo." Beneath the image is a segment of the fable consisting of two or three verses. Underneath it all is "Ed. Bernard, Paris." The milk-carrier in MM seems so graceful that it is hard to believe that she would spill her milk! The effect of the art is in many cases simply striking, e.g., "Le Villageois et le Serpent" and "Le Paon se plaignant à Junon." Are some images, like "L'Huitre et les Plaideurs," harmed by inexact printing? The verso is that of a standard postcard but for two features. The center line dividing the two halves of the card culminates at the bottom in a bottle of Ricqlès. And across the top of the message-section is the message "Alcool de menthe de Ricqlès--87 années de succès." I checked the web; if Henri de Ricqlès created a new drink in 1838 and it boasted of eighty-seven years of success, we might be looking at a card from about 1925. Two of the cards have some writing in pencil on the verso. None were mailed.

Le Gland et la Citrouille

L'Huitre et les Plaideurs

Le Laboureur et ses Enfants

La Laitière et le Pot au Lait


Le Paon se plaignant à Junon

Le petit Poisson et le Pécheur

Le Savetier et le Financier

Le Singe et le Dauphin

La Tortue et les deux Canards

Le Villageois et le Serpent