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Materne Dutch

1950? Fables et Contes Adaptés par Materne. 2 cards with La Fontaine's French and a Dutch translation on the back. "Fabels en Vertellingen Aangepast door Materne." Alcover.  On the front of each is an illustration involving Materne food products. $8 apiece at Foster City, Feb., '97.  TH for $5 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept. '20.

On the first is a fox who seems to have got a jar of candied fruits from the crow in the tree. On the second, a stork cannot get the jar of jam out of the vase; a fox looks on.  In TH, the hare is busy eating something (jelly? fruit?) from a jar of Materne while the tortoise passes in the background.  Curiously enough, the picture side of each card speaks of "De Sprookjes en Vertellingen" (my emphasis) rather than, as on the back, "Fabels en Vertellingen."