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MM Croissant- Sazerac


1911  La Laitiere et le Pot au Lait: Fable de La Fontaine.  Colored series of 5 portrait postcards photographed by Sazerac and published by Croissant.  3 cards for €10 from Cpaphil, Saint-Fargeau, France, August, '13.  Two additional cards in the series (#4 and #5) from Bertrand Cocq, along with duplicates of #1 and #3, for $6 each, Sept., '20.  Extras of Cards #2 and #3 for €1.30 each from for collecman through Ebay, Jan., '23.

The unusual thing about this set is the coloration of the photographs.  The picturing of the dreaming of the milkmaid in the upper left corner of the card seems so similar to what I have seen in other postcard series of MM. Thils sries of five cards completes the narrative of this fable.  Might there be a sixth presenting La Fontaine's following comment on the normal human habit of wishful daydreaming?