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Molly Brett

1940? From Aesop's Fables. Four full-color cards each presenting one fable. 3½" x 5½". Numbered 166 through 169. London: The Medici Society. FG for $2 from Jim Hawkins, Kansas City, Kansas, through Ebay, Feb., '01. TMCM and TH for £10 each from Unicorn Books, Middlesex, through ABE, Jan., 01. DM for $5 from Mike Marsland, Cheshire, England, through Ebay, Jan., '01.

I have found these four Brett cards from three different sources. The cards have an unusual feature. Brett's art takes up at least the upper half of the picture side of each card, with several figures from the story at the very bottom. In between one finds a title and the first few verses of the fable, finishing each time with three dots . . . which lead to the rest of the text on the verso. Are there more cards in the series? I find two particularly charming elements here. One has to do with the cow at the end of DM: "…without a doubt,/She lowered her horns and--tossed him out." One can see the dog at the lower right twirling through the air. Can one make out that the fox at the bottom of FG is breathing heavily?

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166: TMCM

167: DM

168: TH

169: FG