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Montmorillon: Deuxieme Salon de l'Image et de l'Écrit

2003 Montmorillon: Deuxieme Salon de l'Image et de l'Écrit: "Les Fables de La Fontaine." 23 numbered postcards out of a series of 50 published for this exhibit at Montmorillon, France, June 14-15, 2003. Various artists. $50 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18."  Council of Rats" for €2.98 from nutshat through Ebay, June, '22.

These cards exhibit lively artistry.  They are marked by a common orthography in presenting the fable title on the image side and a common format on the message side.  Montmorillon is known as a book town and describes itself on the message side of the cards as "Cité de l'Écrit et des Métiers du Livre."  One of the liveliest cards, UP by Claude Coudray, is the title card for a set of black-and-white cards found earlier from the wife of the artist at a card fair in Paris in Jan., '05.  "The Pig, Goat and Lamb" (#37) by André le Guilloux I had also found as part of a group purchased from the artist at the same card fair.  I list it both here and there.  This show was a wonderful outpouring of imagination directed to La Fontaine's fables!  Among the highlights of this group, I point to FS (#7), for which both animals have their heads buried in menus!  In "Fox and Goat" (#11), both animals wait for service from a waiter bringing bear and food!  In #18, the horse uses a cart to carry the ass and his load.

#2. UP

Claude Coudray

#3. OF

Neil Desmet

#11. Fox & Goat

Serge Fiedos

#12. BF

Matthieu Leyssenne

#25. Rat & Elephant

Jean Claval

#35. CJ

Christian Chabert

#38. Kite & Nightingale

Michel Vallier

#50. AD

Luc Turlan

#4. DW


#7. FS

Gregory Beal

#15. Rabbit & Partridge

Priscilla Saule

#18 Horse & Ass


#26. Falcon & Rooster

Catherine Carlier-Demagny

#31. Eagle & Magpie

Claire Travers

#33. Fox & Squirrel

Didier Lange

#36. FG

Denis Seignez

#37. Pig, Goat, & Lamb

André Le Guilloux

#40. Council Held by Rats

René Souchaud