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Perrette Montrut

1905? Perrette et le Pot au Lait. Three postcards of J. de Montrut's version of "Perrette et le Pot au Lait" presented with black-and-white photographs. Several colors have been added. Beneath each picture is a number ("2," "4," and "5" respectively) and a few lines of text, apparently from a version by J. de Montrut. €3 each from Eclair Collections, Angers, at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.

The photographs are the ultimate in posed photographs taken before large sheet-like backgrounds. Here one can see the ripples in the cloth background. The three scenes show, progressively, the joy of the dreaming milkmaid as she dreams of buying a new dress, her dismay at seeing the broken pot and spilled milk, and her regret. The pot seems more broken in the third picture than it was in the second! Portions of the maid's clothes are colored red. Is some of the background a light green? My guess is that there are only five cards in this series, since card #5 seems to end the text, with an attribution to J. du Montrut. Will I ever have a chance at the missing two cards?

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