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Petit Séminaire Flers-de-l'Orne

1926 Series of six photographic postcards representing a musical performance of GA by Petit Séminaire Flers-de-l'Orne.  Music by L, Ripault.  60 from histoirepostale83 through Ebay, Dec. '19.

The six numbered photographic postcards show the cast at six moments in the presentation, marked by a portion of text from La Fontaine's fable.  The scenes show summertime singing, wintertime hunger, pleading for food, declaration by the grasshopper of singing for the pleasure of any listener, rejection by the ant, and "Choeur Final."  Blank versoes. 


Summertime Singing

Wintertime Hunger

Pleading for Food

"I sang for the pleasure of anyone listening"

Rejection by the Ant

Final Chorus