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Saltykov Shchredrin by Rayev

1957 Ten cards displaying colored paintings of Saltykov-Shchedrin's fables by E.M. Rayev. 4⅛" x 5⅞". Editor H.A. Glorlienko. Moscow: Sovietski Hudorzuik. $6.50 from Rosfilclub, through Ebay, Dec., '03. Extra set from Alex Sourtaev, Moscow, through eBay, June, '05.

Here is Rayev's delightful encounter with ten of Saltykov-Schedrin's fables illustrations. For now, I have matched them up as well as I can with what I know of Saltykov-Schedrin's fables, but the identifications are far from reliable. Help


Wise Carp

Eagle and Crow

Two Big Fish and a Little Fish


Mycenas/Birds at a Banquet

Rabbit and Fox

Dog (Guena)


Poor Rabbits and Rich Wolves

Horse as Tramp