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Sanbourn Souvenir

1989? Aesop's Fables . Five full-color postcards displaying BF, "The Cat and Two Sparrows," CP, LM, and "The Kite and the Pigeons." 5" x 7". "Pleasure Print." Printed in Ireland. Denver: The Sanbourn Souvenir Company of Denver, apparently a firm held by John Hinde Ltd of Dublin. Gift of David Alvey, June, '90.

The art is not exceptional, but the size of these postcards is! The fact that there are post cards of Aesop was first announced to me with this splendid gift. I wrote the company to find out more, but never received an answer. The verso of each card contains a long version of its fable.

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The Cat and Two Sparrows


The Kite and the Pigeons


The Camel and the Rat