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Sazerac Croissant FC

1910?  Three colored photographic postcards from a set (of 6?) using children to portray La Fontaine's FC.  Sozerac 3968.  Paris: Croissant.  Card #3 for $9.99 from Stefano Nels, Columbia, SC, through eBay, July, '05.  Cards #1 and #2 for $20 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.

The human story is utterly consistent with the fable, as a child sees bakery in the tray on the baker's head and flatters him to get some of the bakery.  As in the "Croissant" version of TH, there is a portion of each card's picture given to a colored rendition of the original fable, the first of them announcing the title.  These three cards present the first nine lines of La Fontaine's fable, and thus I have labelled them Cards #1 through #3 of the set.  Are these cards hand-tinted?  The coloring of FC in the upper right of Card #3 is particularly nice.

FC #1

FC #2

FC #3