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1900?    Five black-and-white photographic postcards presenting GA.  "98/1" through "98/5."  S.I.P.  Neither written on nor sent through the post office.  $60 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.  Extra copy of 98/2 for $2.99 from Cathy Merdji-Barlet, Luriecz, France, through eBay, May, '15.  A second copy of 98/4 with curious added coloring from Joan Beldean Bogdan, Cluj, Romania, through Ebay, July, '16. Extra uncolored copy of #4 for €6 from, January, '23.

These cards are consistent with the S.I.P. series on TMCM.  The whole verso is, both cases, dedicated to the addressee.  Is a series like this something of a "French girly" card offering an excuse to present an attractive woman in less than usual clothing?   Was a headdress like that fashionable at the time of the photograph?  I had written after finding two cards from the set "Let's see if we can find some more photos from this series!"  Good work, Bertrand!  The whole set!  I include as an extra the colored version of 98/4.