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1900?    Five black-and-white photographic postcards presenting GA.  "98/1" through "98/5."  S.I.P.  Neither written on nor sent through the post office.  $60 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.  Extra copy of 98/2 for $2.99 from Cathy Merdji-Barlet, Luriecz, France, through eBay, May, '15.  A second copy of 98/4 with curious added coloring from Joan Beldean Bogdan, Cluj, Romania, through Ebay, July, '16. 

These cards are consistent with the S.I.P. series on TMCM.  The whole verso is, both cases, dedicated to the addressee.  Is a series like this something of a "French girly" card offering an excuse to present an attractive woman in less than usual clothing?   Was a headdress like that fashionable at the time of the photograph?  I had written after finding two cards from the set "Let's see if we can find some more photos from this series!"  Good work, Bertrand!  The whole set!  I include as an extra the colored version of 98/4.