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Sparkly French

1955? Fables of La Fontaine. Three, out of an apparently larger series, full-color postcards displaying La Fontaine fables in cartoon-like fashion, with sparkling dust glued around the outlines of important parts of each illustration. Made in France. Paris: TDA: Marque Déposé. #721. €4 apiece at the Paris Post Card Exhibition, Jan., '05.  FC for €1.20 from Jean Bobelet, Le Chautay, France, through Ebay, June, '20.

Most of the four animal figures on these cards are clothed. For some reason, the stork offering food to the fox in tall vases is not clothed. The fox has his hands on his hips in a fine gesture of disappointment and even dudgeon. In TH, the hare hurries so quickly toward the finishing line that he loses his hat. In FC, the fox holding an umbrella with one hand reaches the other hand out to catch the fallling cheese.  It is hard for me to see what the gray sparkles add to these pictures.

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