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Starling Postcards

1947? Fables of La Fontaine. Nineteen full-color postcards displaying favorite La Fontaine fables, all with a "Starling" signature at the bottom. 4 1/8" x 5 7/8". Imprimé en France. Paris: M. Barré and J. Doyez. €3 each from Collections N. et F. Murtin at Paris post card fair, Jan., '05. One other card, "L'Âne Vetu de la Peau de Lion," and extra copies of six cards for €4 each from Gérard Crucy, at the same Paris post card fair, Jan., '05.  Extra copy of "Wolf versus Fox before Monkey" for € from bouquiniste Claire Leriche, Paris, June, '23.

The art is delightful, as in the fuller versions of the same images. The verso of each card fills the message section with a cursive version of the La Fontaine fable. At about the same time, Barré and Doyez also published a collection using children to illustrate La Fontaine's fables. Sadly many of the cards here are poorly cut. I like Starling's visual approach. See also a collection of larger prints using these same images.