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Stebbing: Les Tourtereaux

1905  Complete set of 5 colored photographic postcards "Lex Tourtereaux" after La Fontaine's fable "Two Doves."  Stebbing, Paris.  $60 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.

This portrayal of La Fontaine's fable follows the traditional interpretation but not, I would say, the original story.  La Fontaine's fable is of two deeply befriended birds, one of whom feels the need to travel.  That bird does so, but undergoes frightening experiences and a good deal of suffering before returning to the welcoming bird-friend.  This portrayal links two human lovers with two nearby birds but contents itself with simple lines matching the photographs.  "Two doves love each other with a tender love."  "They cannot live one without the other."  "They were always cooing."  "They embraced each other without stopping."  "They loved each other….they were happy."

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Two doves love each other with a tender love

They cannot live one without the other

They were always cooing

They embraced each other without stopping

They loved each other….they were happy