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Stereoscopic Postcards L'Imprimerie Nouvelle Photographique

1910?   Seven stereoscopic photographic postcards of La Fontaine fables.  "Scènes de Genre."  Paris: L'Imprimerie Nouvelle Photographique.  $60 from Bertrand Cocq, Calonne Ricouart, France, Sept., '18.  Another from Bertrand for $8, Sept., '20.

What a fascinating find!  One finds that interpretations offered elsewhere are confirmed here, for example, that people interpret WL often in terms of romantic relationships between the sexes, and that "Two Doves" is regularly seen the same way.  Some of the fun with these cards is that the characters and even their dress seem to repeat from story to story.  Apparently the photographer had a small stable of actors and costumes to work with!  It is surprising that GA appears twice, in apparently different conceptions of where the encounter takes place.  The cicada has a shawl in one depiction that she does not have in the other.  And is it supposed to be winter?  My favorite among the cards is MSA: the characters have good poses revealing their attitudes.

MM 10

MM 9

GA 16

GA 17



Two Doves